Top job interview questions to ask

Top job interview questions to ask

What questions should I ask during the interview?



If you’re a serious candidate you must ask questions and if I’m a serious company, I must answer your questions.
Tue Holmberg
Tue Holmberg



A job interview is not just about that you should be grilled to the interviewer. It is equally important that you get answers to your questions.


Most employers expect that you have interesting questions to ask. Concentrate on what is important to you, and show simultaneously your interest in the company and the position.


If you do not ask questions, there is a risk that you will be perceived as passive and uninterested.



Prepare therefore at least five questions for the interview.



Example of questions you can ask about the current position:



1. Why is this position available? (That is what happened to that previously had the job?)


2. What is the job of key responsibilities?


3. What goals are set up for the position and how will the company that the goal be achieved?


4. In what way measured my performance?


5. What problems achieving the goals I can usually expect?


6. What type of support and skills can I expect from the company?


7. What are your expectations of me / the receiving position?


8. What are my closest contacts in the business?



Example of questions about the company:


9. Why is X a good company to work for?


10. What the company expects first and foremost of its employees?


11. Are there any expansion plans?


12. What is the staff turnover rate?


13. What does the company to create good relations in the workplace?


14. How would you describe the company culture?


To also show interest in the current industry, it is a good idea to have questions about things happening in the market.


It is questions like:


“How do you think it will affect the future of the company that your two main competitors will be merged?”


Normally, questions about wages and benefits are not taken up at the first interview, as it can easily indicate to you are more interested by what you can get from the company than vice versa.


How interviewer reacts to and answer your questions gives you a good insight into the company, and help you to determine if the position is right for you.






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