Mathematical / verbal tests

Mathematical / verbal tests


This is a type of cognitive ability test, which main purpose is to indicate your efficiency in processing information.


Some of the basic questions, which are included in mathematical and verbal tests are related to mental arithmetic, ratios, fractions, number sequences, special aptitude, grammar and punctuation, general verbal aptitude, abstract and diagrammatic reasoning.


The only possible way to improve the results of such tests is to undergo plenty of sample questions available online, aiming both at accuracy and speed – both valued by employers to assess the efficiency of your performance.


For any type of mental arithmetic test, you will be expected to have a solid understanding of dividing, multiplying, percentages and so forth.


So brush up your knowledge if needed, and focus on practicing as much as you can, in order to keep the timing short plus results – accurate.


The more you train, the easier it will become to give correct answers to all arithmetic questions as quickly as possible.


Using the available sources can guarantee a successful performance, which is also the key to getting the dreamed job position.


Do not underestimate the importance of these tests, because more and more companies are investing time and resources in using the right set of tools to assure there are no “hiring failures”.


IQ and aptitude tests, used together, are one of the most powerful combination of assessment tools, which offers easy to administrate format with the opportunity of predictable job performance in numerous job fields, including more complex positions.

These tests can reduce business costs by identifying the mental abilities, fundamental to success in diverse job fields, of candidates for hiring, promotion or even new available training.


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