Job interview body talk

Job interview body talk





Each interview is a test. Everyone’s on edge during an interview and gets adrenaline, but as a person you should use that to build up something positive out of this and control the adrenaline. Just relax, take a deep breath and show the best sides of you.


Now you have the types of answers that you can use in your preparation for the job interview.


But you win nothing if your body does not express comfortability, confidence and openness. As we mention in question 38 – personality is what can impress the interviewer, in some cases even more than skills.


So you need to make sure your body language communicates perfectly with your truthful personality and make sure the person interviewing you will recognize your character as a result of the small details in your behaviour, position, gestures.


An upright posture and hands resting flat out the back of the hand facing up, exudes confidence and vigor, but do not overdo it.


Crumbling palms facing each other upward shows uncertainty and paralysis.


Led by the positions of the hands and your whole body to indicate how determined and enthusiastic you really are.




Depending on the options your chair offer, place a natural and outcoming position which dictates your openness.


Be present in the conversation with an open, attentive and interested face.


Be aware that it may be better to change position occasionally than to lock yourself in one specific position.


A forward-leaning “ready” position may be too offensive in length, like a reclining “comfortable” position can radiate indifference if you hold it too long.

I want people to feel comfortable. I want to see the right side of the person. You cannot see that if they are so on edge, if they are so nervous. I have no idea who she/he is if they’re feeling nervous and uncomfortable. That makes me feel uncomfortable too.


And be cautious not to look too loose, too relaxed.


You need to keep struct balance and do not overtake the leader’s position in the room.

It’s a fine line between someone, who’s acting arrogantly by being too relaxed and a person, so eager to get the job that’s stressing out too much.






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