IQ tests

IQ tests


“IQ tests predict work performance at least as well as competency interviews do and about ten times better than personality tests do.”




IQ tests are one of the tools of measurement which employers use during the employment process.


What makes IQ tests different, compared to personality and behavioral tests for example is that they assess specifically the academic level of knowledge, which a candidate covers.


Therefore, in an IQ test you can unveil to which extend a job seeker possesses the capabilities of intelligently overcoming limitations, finding new solutions, optimizing processes or solving daily problems.


Some of the downsides, which IQ tests show from a scientific point of view have to be also taken into consideration.


IQ tests have severe limitations because they restrict people’s understanding of intelligence and do not test all situations that show intelligent behavior.


These tests do not consider the multidimensional nature of intelligence and are not always accurate in predicting success.


Typically, IQ tests measure only verbal and mathematical abilities despite the fact that psychologist Howard Gardner identified at least seven types of intelligence.


In the most common types of IQ test, you find yourself faced with specific questions, which seem totally unrelated to a business setting by a first glance.


The truth is that some of the academic thinking skills acquired in IQ tests are also crucial to executive performance.


Some of the skills, which IQ tests measure are vocabulary, arithmetic and spatial reasoning—they have almost no relevance to managerial work.


But intelligence tests are one of the few employment tools, which can predict managerial success in relation to the candidate’s intellectual possession.


Even more surprisingly, even though some companies refuse to use IQ tests, they have become the only tool of individuals’ comparison when it comes to choosing the most suitable match for a specific job position.


The described points above are the reason why nowadays IQ tests are becoming more and more popular in the business environment, providing easy to apply, measure and understand tool of skills’ validation.


As a job seeker, you must be prepared to become part of the wave and test your intelligence in a set of logical questions.


Proceeding further in the employment process is a complex combination of required steps.


Accomplishing these steps with the needed level of expertise is the only way you can ensure your future employer that the right candidate sits in front of them.


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