10 must have items for your next job interview

10 must have items for your next job interview






  • Map and directions to the interview’s location to keep you oriented from the start


The first item you need, without doubt should provide you the right directions to the location of your job interview.


If you are using your phone to navigate via Google maps for example, make sure it has enough battery.


It’s a good idea to visit the address earlier, before the actual date of the interview.


Therefore you make sure no unneeded “excitements” will accompany you on your way.

You need to arrive in relaxing and calm inner feeling.


Any unreasanble stressing situation is your biggest enemy on the exact day.


  • Bus/train/cab fare or a tank full of gas for better time-management


Depending on your way of transportation you should make sure no surprises will arrise.


Prepare your trip throughfully and try to have an enjoying start to provide your good mood.


  • Name, title, and phone number of the person to ask for upon arrival to build up the good impression


You need to know who are you meeting with, but also what specific position the person occupies.


Along with your company’s researches you can make a research on the person who will be interviewing you.


Therefore you will be prepared with some facts and possible questions about her/his responsibilities, proffesional backround, achievements.


  • Pen and paper to show interest


A notebook is also a good option.


You might be asking now:


How do I show interest by taking notes?


Well, it is proven that we measure how much interest our words evoke via any sort of evidence for memorization.


Remember the usual situation at school:

Who was always pointed as the most interested and well-prepared student?



the one with detailed set of notes, which everyone else in the class was trying to copy before exams.


Be that good student and show respect by taking quick notes of important aspects you would like to stress at and keep fresh in your memory.


  • Clean copies of your resume and cover letter (enough for yourself plus each interviewer)


Depending on the number of iterviewers make sure your documentation is accessible not only digitally, but on a paper.


  • Five or more questions to ask your interviewers


You need to be able to ask questions in order to show deeper interest and start a good communication with the representative.

Everyone will be thrilled to feel interest and curiosity about the business and asking the right set of question can be your absolute door through the nicely formed forundation.


If you have no idea what some good questions might be, read our post with title:


38 questions + answers – as an undetachable part of your preparation for a Job interview guide.


  • Samples or portfolio of related work you’ve done in the past to showcase your skills


You should be always prepared to showcase your achievements into practise and give a good example of your skills with real work – evidences.


Nobody likes to be forced to believe in plain words.


But everyone appreciates sources of evidence and references to real – business cases.


  • Copy of the job description to look more proffesional



You can directly point to some quatations from the description to clarify any missunderstandings or lack of information.


It can be basically used as a source of specific words you might have forgotten.

On the other hand, having the job description with you is a good way of expressing great interest in the position.


It detects that you’ve been exploring the opportunities and your participation is based on detailed analysis of your own responnsibilities and what the employer is looking for more specifically.


This can be useful as a base of the question you would like to ask the interviewer.


  • Plus anything else the employer has specifically asked you to bring

Therefore, read carefully the job description again.


Try to find good examples of what the company is seeking for the position itself and relate the expectations to your own preparations, willingness and determination.


  •  Bring your mobile phone so you do not get lost



If you decide to use it in order to navigate to the address of your interview, make sure you bring along a power-source (external battery, case-charger).


You need to make sure you can rely on your phone to reach the destination.


You might also have some notes which you would like to retrieve from there, so having power is a must.


Tip: Don’t forget to turn your mobile phone OFF before you go into the interview.


  •  Always have an extra resume


Bring also a list of past employment dates, supervisors, and education in case they ask you to fill out a job application


Tip: Leave the salary fields blank


  •  Notes about people you’ve spoken to while scheduling the interview or during a phone screen


Again, do not count on your memory abilities, even though they might be impressive.


There is always one extra step you can take in order to ease your task of talking with specific names, terms, even numbers.


You need to keep your knowledge about the position and everything related to the interview, which involves you as fresh as possible.


Therefore, you can use it as your advantage.


  •  List of three pre-screened references


This is not usually needed in a first interview, but you can still need them at some point.


So it’s always better to be prepared well, instead of running out of options.


  • Food


You can bring something small but filling and healthy, like a protein bar, in case of an extended interview.


For more tips about the perfect food choice for your big day, read our article about:


What should you eat before your job interview.


  • Grooming tools


Some tools for example: comb, breath mints, lipstick, tissues, cough drops, lint roller, stain lifter, or everything you might need to feel more confident and confortable during the interview.


  • Proof of your employment status and/or identity


This is usually not needed until later in the hiring process.


But remember, you loose nothing but being more prepared for any case scenario.

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